Things to consider when ordering a cover:

Will you be storing your boat inside or outside?  
When storing your boat outside, Sunbrella is recommended.  It is a UV resistant material and will protect your boat from the damaging rays of the sun.  These covers will last significantly longer.  For storing inside, Cordura Nylon covers will work for covering and protecting your boat.  Cordura Nylon is not a UV resistant material.

Will you be traveling with your boat?  
It is recommended that you get a lined boat cover if you will be traveling. The extra lining will add a layer of protection for your boat from unforeseen objects that may hit your shell while traveling.  A Sunbrella lined cover holds up better while traveling, better than a Sunbrella unlined boat cover.

When choosing between a Full Zip or Strap and Buckle covers for fours and eights, here are some things to consider:  

When traveling, a Full Zip cover is ideal because the whole boat is completely enclosed and every part of the shell is covered and protected.  It protects against elements such as road salt and diesel fuel on long trips.  The Full Zip cover is also good for end of the year storage so that the boat can be cocooned and safe.  Strap and Buckle covers are great for storage purposes either in boat houses or on racks outside.  They are also great for daily use because of the ability to fit the cover while the riggers are still on the boat.  The Strap and Buckle boat cover covers the hull of the boat and comes up around the gunwales.  The cockpit and deck is partially exposed. When traveling with a Strap and Buckle cover, there is a chance debris from the road could come up and hit the cockpit and deck. 

Things to consider when ordering a car top system:

The Cartop 1X System with Narrow Cradles will fit most racing singles.  This system will be the most secure when traveling.

The Cartop 1X System with Wide Cradles is ideal if you have a recreational single. This system has 19” cradles vs. the 14” Narrow Cradles, so it will fit your shell the best.  It comes with the regular 8’ rail and mounting hardware.

The Cartop 2X System fits both 2X and 2-.  This system comes with Wide Cradles (19” wide) and an 8’ and 5’ rail with attachment hardware.   

If you have either a Yakima or Thule roof rack system on your car, you should choose the Yakima/Thule hardware when purchasing a cartop system.  If you have the factory roof racks on your car, the Wide U-Bolts will work and are the ones you would want.

It is possible to carry two cartop systems on one car at the same time.

Tie down straps are not included with the cartop systems, those can be purchased separately in our Cartop Components section.


Website FAQ

Q: How can I view the status of my order?

A: Go to the Customer Service, Account Information page. This page lists all your orders. Click the date of the order whose status you wish to view.

Q: What are your shipping costs?

A: You can view an estimate of shipping costs by viewing your cart. The shipping costs are based on UK destinations. There may be additional charges for sending orders outside the UK.  If this is the case these will be invoiced separately.

Q: Can I purchase products for delivery to the EU?

A: We do deliver to countries in the EU.  As stated above, there may be additional shipping costs to EU countries in addition to the shipping costs charged at the point of ordering.  Any import VAT or custom duties charged by the destination country will be collected by the shipping courier and are the responsibility of the customer.

Q: I can't decide which material is best for my needs - can you help?

A: If you are unsure about the benefits of each type of material we produce our covers in please contact us and we can talk through the options with you.  We can also send you sample material swatches in the post so you can see and feel the differences in fabrics.  We can also send you sample swatches if you are unsure about a colour choice. Its simple - just email on or use our contact us page.