Burnham UK – in the bag!

Burnham have been working hard with UK based Five57 Sportsgear to launch a UK arm to their US business.

The original motivation behind Five57 was to supply top quality gear to top quality people so when Peter from Burnham Boat Slings in the US, said that he was looking for someone to help expand their UK operations, Five57 jumped at the chance. Five57 already supply Canadian brand RegattaSport custom kit so US brand Burnham fitted right in!

Burnham are all about boat care and safety, and among their product range are some of the best boat bags in the business. They are designed and manufactured in New Hampshire on the US east coast and shipped all over the world to beginners, masters and international rowers and, more recently, Surfski paddlers.

Each cover is designed exactly to fit your boat, with patterns for all the major manufacturers and models from around the world. Along with offering a custom fit cover for your boat, you can also choose from a wide range of colours, fabrics and finishes. You can even add your club logo or initials!

In the past few months, with the interruption of crew rowing, many people have looked to their single sculls to keep rowing whilst social distancing; and Burnham have seen a big upturn in sales as rowers want to protect their boats from the elements and from dings in the boathouse! Whether your boat is brand new or 10 years old, it is worth taking care of.

You will also find a full range of accessories for your boat including trestles, rigger bags, oar bags and blade covers as well as their trademark boat bags.

The accessories we think the UK market will love the most are:

Regatta Slings - these are small, space saving trestles that are perfect for going afloat when you are not at the club. They fit easily into your car boot, are great value and even have an integrated tie-down strap. Much easier than searching for spare club trestles to rig your boat, or, God forbid, having to rest it on the ground! And safer than leaving it on the trailer between races with all those other riggers just waiting to ding your shell!

Sunbrella Sculling Oar Bag - keep your expensive sculls safe from scratches and dirt in the bottom of that club trailer. The full length zip is the clincher here for easy packing and unpacking.

Sweep Oar Travel Bag - Blades are a big club expense and often get a rough ride. Keep your paintwork fresher and protect grips and length adjustment from damage. Up to 4 sweep oars in each bag make for easy unloading and transport to the boat racks.

Wing Rigger Bags - one bag fits both wing riggers so no more fighting with tangled riggers in the bottom of the trailer!

Blade covers - all that effort goes into painting blades with club colours for them to get scratched and damaged on the way to races. Once your blades have had a nice new paint job, cover them in a cover and they will stay fresher for longer!

So many great ideas for you to browse so visit the UK Burnham website through our webpage at www.five57sportsgear.com/burnham-boat-bags or direct at www.burnhamboatslings.co.uk. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media to get some great introductory offers and spread the word that Burnham is here in the UK!

Cover the boat you love with the best!