An early Christmas

On October 29th 2020 we launched the Burnham UK website, bringing Burnham boat bags direct to the UK market. The initial take up has been great and we were very excited to receive our first shipment of customer orders into the office yesterday. Christmas has come early! If you ordered a cover for pre-christmas delivery - it is on its way.

We received a variety of orders of covers for singles, doubles and oar bags and they all look fantastic and show that the market for boat covers in the UK is alive and kicking!

Sunbrella full zip purple/natural

This lovely deep purple Sunbrella single cover comes with natural coloured tips - a very classy colour combination! There are so many colours to choose from you can be very creative and make sure your boat looks great in and out of its cover.

Sculling oar bag

One oarbag that will definitely stand out from the crowd; lime green Sunbrealla fabric with fully padded lining. This is a sculling oarbag which holds a pair of sculling blades and offers handy shoulder carrying straps. You can also choose sweep oarbags which hold up to 4 sweep oars, each with its own blade protector to make sure those painted blades stay chip free! There are also paddle bags especially designed for canoe/kayak or dragonboat paddles available in the full colour range.

Aqualon edge soft charcoal/ivy green

This is an Aqualon Edge Soft fabric boat cover in charcoal and ivy green. This fabric has its own soft fleece backing to protect your boat. The fabric is lighter than the Sunbrella fabric so the cover itself takes up less space when it is off the boat.

These photos show some of the colours and styles you can choose from when you order your own Burnham cover. If you need help with colours or fabrics get in touch and we can send you fabric swatches to help you decide on the perfect colour/fabric combination. Why don’t you browse the website and see what colour-way would suit your style, there is a huge variety of colours to choose from and you can customise your cover in all sorts of ways.

Red and yellow sweep oarbag

We are also excited to be sending some sample oar bags off to a national rowing team…can you guess who? If you think your rowing team would benefit from customised oar bags, rigger bags, or boat bags get in touch and we can discuss how we can help.

Have a very Happy Christmas and don't forget, winter is just around the corner so cover the boat you love with the best!